About Us

Cellex is not just a battery company, we are a battery technology innovator and disruptor.

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Our Objective

The objective of Cellex is to solve the challenges being faced in the energy storage solutions industry and emerge as a key player through self-reliance and innovation.

Our advanced energy storage solution would strike a fine balance between critical aspects such as Quality, Performance, Safety and Cost thereby addressing the challenges faced.

The founding team strongly believe in the power of sustainable energy storage to make a huge impact on our economy and environment.


What are we doing?

We are catalyzing the adoption of clean energy storage solutions

Why are we doing this?

To build a successful business by solving the challenges being faced in the energy storage industry and contribute to a clean and sustainable future

How are we doing this?

By providing world-class cutting edge energy storage solutions with ultra-long life and affordable cost

‘Our journey so far’


Elaborate discussions with various entities, groups, Technical / research companies

  • Envisioning of energy storage solution for India which would balance Quality, Cost and Performance
  • Extensive study of Indian and global markets

Aug 2021

Birth of Cellex

April 2022

Cellex media launch

May 2022

Factory identified for commercial production

July 2022

Completion of


  • Certifications
  • Prototypes and testing
  • Phase 1 funding, Hiring of key resources