Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Cellex?

Cellex’s storage solutions come with the most advanced 3rd generation customised Hybrid technology with extreme long life, highest safety standards and performance at affordable cost.

Why does Cellex use hybrid LFP (Lithium Ferro Phosphate) cell chemistry?
There are several cell chemistries available. Cellex uses advanced hybrid next generation LFP cell chemistry due to its long cycle life, low cost of ownership, thermal stability, and high-power output. Compared to regular LFP the life of our battery packs is upto 5x.
What is the life expectancy of a Cellex battery?

The battery comes with ultra-long life ranging from 10 to 30 years depending on the three variants as given below:

  • Cellex Prime – Expected life 10-12 year
  • Cellex dominator –Expected life 12-15 years
  • Celllex Legacy – Expected life 30 years
Can they sustain the extreme temperatures of India?

Yes. Our batteries are manufactured using high quality new generation materials for heat dissipation, higher safety, higher performance and longer life. The pack can operate in temperatures ranging from –40 deg c to 60 deg c. Therefore, this can operate in extreme temperature situations without impacting the performance and life of the battery.

What are the Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) of Cellex

Following are the unique selling propositions of Cellex:

1. Advanced Next-Generation Cell Technology
2. Innovative and proprietary manufacturing process
3. Advanced Battery Management system (BMS) technology
4. Advanced Thermal Management System
5. Next-generation Battery Case with functional features
6. Affordable pricing

Is this really maintenance free?

Yes, Cellex batteries are absolutely maintenance free, you don’t have to add any sort of battery water or clean the terminals.

Will this battery be safe to install at home?

Yes. Cellex is absolutely safe to install at home and is non-flammable as well as non-explosive. Some models are available with
wall mounting features to save space.

Are Cellex batteries safe?

Yes. Cellex batteries are very safe. There are several factors responsible for the remarkable safety of Cellex batteries.

  • The selection of battery chemistry is important. Cellex has chosen the advanced hybrid LFP cell chemistry as it is chemically stable and has the highest thermal runaway temperature of any lithium-ion chemistry
  • The BMS (Battery Management System) monitors the cell temperature and current and shuts the system down if it detects anything which may cause harm to the battery. This is to maintain battery performance and expected lifetime.
  • The safety of Cellex batteries have been certified by renowned laboratories globally apart from our internal tests.
Can I get batteries customized as per my requirements?

Yes. As we deal directly with manufacturer and cater to a wide segment, we have the capability to offer extreme customisations

Do Cellex batteries require periodic maintenance?

Cellex batteries do not require periodic maintenance. However, we recommend an annual inspection by our authorized engineer to ensure maximum battery health and life. We will be diarizing our inspection program to enable this.

Do I have to add battery water to this every month?

No, You will never have to add battery water to Cellex Batteries.