Why Cellex

Advanced Next-Generation Cell Technology

Innovative & proprietary manufacturing process

Advanced Battery Management system technology
Advanced Thermal Management System
Next-generation Battery Case with functional features

Advanced Next-Generation Cell Technology

Our battery is custom-made with advanced hybrid next generation LFP. Compared to regular LFP the life of our battery packs is upto to 5x.
The cells we use are sourced directly from the factory, custom made, exclusive and not available online or through other channels.
Our voltage is 3.5 V+ which is much higher than regular LFP.
Our batteries come with ultra-long life ranging from 10 to 30 years depending on the three variants as given below:

  • Cellex Prime – Expected life 10-12 years
  • Cellex dominator –Expected life 12-15 years
  • Cellex Legacy – Expected life 30 years

As a result of our ultra-long life the end user will benefit hugely when you factor life cycle costing. Life cycle cost = Cost + replacement cost + maintenance and installation / Usable Life

Innovative and proprietary manufacturing

Our unique manufacturing process is highly differentiated from the process adopted for regular Lithium.
In traditional processes, the cells are welded using metal strips. In such cases administering warranty becomes difficult as a few cells in a battery pack cannot be replaced.
Our unique cell construction / Mating process ensures that the whole pack can be dismantled any number of times to replace any defunct cells. This enables us to provide a real warranty to the end user. We use Customized Jigs for stacking and racking.
The various equipments like testing module for IR, Capacity, Voltage, Cell sorting, Cell Balancing, Grouping, cell charging and discharging being used for production and testing are custom made in-house.

Advanced Battery Management system (BMS) technology

The BMS is custom made to specifically suit our battery voltage, incorporating global best practices and the latest technologies.

Advanced Thermal Management System

Our batteries are manufactured using high quality new generation materials for heat dissipation, higher safety, higher performance and longer life.
Our battery packs can operate in temperatures ranging from –40 deg c to 60 deg c. Therefore, this can operate in extreme temperature situations without impacting the performance and life of the battery

Next-generation Battery Case with functional features

We are in the process of designing and developing a unique battery case designed which provides unmatched functional features. We will file for Intellectual Property rights for this unique design and function.